A quick look at genealogy soon shows that we are indeed one. This in no way detracts from the incredible variations of our separate heritages, nor the value that we as individuals should place in them.

Explore your heritage and share it with others. Its fun.

I intend to install some actual genealogical content here as I learn how to and acquire it. My personal family surnames are: JONES and REED, with SWAIM, CORBIN as grandparents, and YOUNG, GRAVES, ?? and ?? as great grandparents. I hope to put these trees online soon (in programmerese, that means sometime before my grandchildren are recording my stories...).

I am interested in supporting this kind of thing (family trees and histories) online. If you need a site to host your family (or would like to share your experience(s) in doing so) - please E_mail me.

Genealogy Resources (Bob Hampton)